Professional Hairstyling Course

Learn the necessary skills and expertise required as a professional hairstylist from an experienced
hairstylist with over 28 years of experience and with thousands of classes conducted. In this
professional hairstyling course, Ivy Chen will teach you advanced hairstyling techniques and skills
that will allow you to bring your clients hair to a new level of beautiful.
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Professional Hairstyling Course

Course Fee: $1500.00 Duration: 10 lessons (3 hours per session)

Course Details: 4~8 person per class Course Outline:

1. Styling tools and basic understanding 必备的工具与认识

2. Basic concepts in using hair styling 头发造型的基本概念

3. Techniques and variations in the use of rollers 上发卷的技巧与变化

4. Techniques and variations in the use of hollow rollers 使用空心卷的技巧与变化

5. Techniques in scrunching 刮发的技巧

6. Techniques and variations in the use of turn round 扭转的技巧与变化

7. Use and variations of perm rod and straightener 电棒的使用与压玉米头的变化

8. Techniques in tying ponytails 绑单豎头发的技巧

9. Techniques in hair blowing 吹发的技巧与变化

10. Variations of “single section” hairstylesgon 单束发型的变化 (赫本头)

11. Variations in wearing wedding veil 头纱的设计与变化

12. Sweet Princess & Types of accessories 公主头系列的设技与变化 和 饰品配件的类型

13. Korean & Variations and designs of “plaits” hairstyles 韩式造型与编发的变化

14. Regal Style 宫廷式的造型与变化

15. Retro Style 复古式的发型设计与变化

16. Punk Look 庞克式的造型与变化

17. Variations and designs of “short” hairstyles 短发的设计变化

18. Knowledge and use of hairpiece 假发的认识与使用

19.Different face shapes and complementing hairstyles 脸型的判断 与适合脸型的梳发

20. Braiding techniques and variations 辫子的技巧和变化

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