About our academy

In our academy, we only trained out the elites, as we put in great effort to strengthen the fundamentals and foundation of each and every students.

Our Foundings

One Academy is established by Ivy Chen, a Taiwanese Make Up & Hairstyling mentor. Our school has successfully trained countless, equipping them with skills sets & strong fundamentals to sustain in the modern world of makeup.

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About Our Instructor

Ivy Chen has over 28 years of makeup & hairstyling experience. She have taught countless of students & styled many beautiful brides. She continues to upgrade her skills, innovate, keep abreast with trends and excel in her trade, providing professional services in presenting splendid, elegant and fashionable brides.

Ivy strive to be an excellent makeup teacher for students who signed up for her makeup course. Many student commented that her makeup course are very detailed, drilled deep into specific modules.

Ivy also has her own personal website, www.ivychen.com.sg or https://www.facebook.com/oneacademysingapore             where you could get to see all her portfolio. With a dedicated teacher like Ivy, what you are learning will definitely be essential. She also provide free revision lessons even after completion of her makeup lessons.

Recently, Ivy Chen was also featured in the newspaper on an interview regarding makeup.

Our Courses

  • Personal Makeup Course
  • Professional Makeup Artistry Course
  • Professional Hairstyling Courses
  • 1-1 Makeup & Hairstyling Course
  • Group Makeup & Hairstyling Course


and what our students says about us..

  • I feel priviledged to have been taught by Ivy Chen as she is a brilliant make up teacher and has a great knowledge of the industry, the structure of the course made it easy to follow and each lesson was fun and worth. I learnt a lot of essential information to use in my future career as a make up artist and given me the confidence to pursue it as a career. I'm very grateful for the inspiration that you have given me. Thanks Ivy Chen for all your advice and guidance throughout. Thank you for sharing all your trade secrets, experience and knowledge. You have made it possible for my dreams to become a reality. Thank you so much for everything you've taught me as it's priceless ! I feel fortunate to have been taught by the best ! With deepest appreciation and gratitude, Angela
    Angela, Human Resource Administrator
  • 感恩能够找到Ivy老师。老师除了非常专业以及经验丰富以外,我觉得最让我值得赞赏的是老师的教学态度,不骄傲,亲切,愿意聆听以及愿意分享。就算是一对一的课程也不会感到压力。老师设计教学的课程内容,我觉得很棒,因为不只是教你如何化妆,而是让你能够灵活的运用各种化妆的技巧。老师还会分享一些非常有用的贴士。我觉得都是学以致用的。课程绝对大大的激发了我对化妆的兴趣。
    Abby / Senior Tax Executive
  • Having a passion in makeup i took up advance makeup at one academy. The lesson are conducted in a small group whereby i get more attention & mistakes can be corrected by teacher Ivy on the spot. I am glad to be learning under Ivy, she always share her skills & experience as a makeup artist. i enjoy my class & i also thank Ivy for her patience.
    Shirley Yeo / Procurement Executive
  • Ivy Chen Makeup Course was worth every penny I spent! I chose this course because it was only one that offered so much in such condensed amount of time. I wondered how she could cover so much in the time allotted but somehow she did! I have pages and pages of valuable notes and knowledge that Ivy passed down after her years of experience not only as makeup artist but as good lecturer. Ivy is quick with her praise when you've done well and gentle when pointing out what ways you can improve your technique. No words can thank you enough for your wonderful training, time, expertise and care about my education and giving me the keys to become successful.
    Cheryl / Administrative Officer
  • Jessica Kie signed for both courses. My lesson combines both and takes 4 hours in a week. Though it's long yet I always feel it's never been enough. Ivy, as a teacher she is very detailed and very passionate and more she likes to share her experience as a professional make up artist. it's such a bless to be taught by her.
    Jessica / Piano Teacher
  • Teacher - Ivy Chen provide detailed teaching material and she is very friendly and nice. One academy given best make up knowledge and I very enjoy during the class.
    月婷 / Secretary
  • WEE HUI LIN signed up for the professional make-up and hairstyling course with a friend, and both of us found Ivy to be a very patient teacher. Her classes combine both theory and practical applications, which made it easy for us to learn and apply the skills. My friend and I often had to practise applying make-up on one another to get real practice. Ivy also actively shares her experiences as a bridal make-up artist, so that we could understand what it would be like to do bridal make-up for others, and what are the various situations we need to be prepared for. I’ve enjoyed my classes greatly and I’m grateful for the chance to be guided by Ivy.
    Wee Hui Lin / Administrative Officer
  • 我一直想进一步的提升自己的化妆技巧,但又不知从何下手。上网搜索很久后,终于决定参加老师的"2对1"指导课程。老师很亲切,教学轻松认真,由于小班制,有什么不明白就直接发问,老师都会解答。和同学相习和交流也增加了学习的乐趣。在提升自己的化妆技巧和得到老师的认可之后,也可以跟随老师的脚步,到现场实习,一起体验现场上的紧张和乐趣。欢迎大家一起加入噢!
    Cherrie / Advertising Designer