Professional Makeup Artist Course

In this professional makeup course, you will learn all the techniques and skills you require to establish
a career in the makeup industry. Our founder, Ivy Chen, has over 28 years of experience as a
professional makeup artist. She will guide you throughout the course and impart her valuable
knowledge and insights during each makeup lesson.
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Professional Makeup Artistry Course

Course Fee: $2000.00 Duration :15 lessons ( 3 hours per session)

Course Details: 4~8 person per class

Course Outline:

1. Essential makeup tools and how to use them 化妆必备之工具与使用方法

2. Basic pre-makeup skincare 妆前基础保养

3. Proportions of ideal face shape 标准脸型的比例

4. Differentiating various face shapes and how to enhance features (theoretical) 各种脸型的修饰技巧

5. Differentiating various shapes of eyebrows 各种眉型的认识

6. Trimming of eyebrows to complement face shape 眉毛的修整与脸型的搭配

7. How to cut and paste eyelid sticker 眼部胶纸的剪法与贴法

8. Basic concepts in use and matching of colours 色彩搭配和基本概念

9. Make up and lighting 化妆与灯光

10. Types of foundation and techniques in applying foundation 粉底使用的技巧和种类

11. Use of concealer and techniques in covering uneven complexion, spots and marks 蓋斑膏的运用与使用的技巧

12. Applying eyeshadow using 眼影的使用技巧

13. Types of fake eyelashes 假睫毛种类的认识

14. Choice of fake eyelashes and how to wear 假睫毛的选择与戴法

15. How to draw eyeliner and apply mascara 眼线和睫毛膏的使用与技巧

16. How to apply blusher 腮红的运用

17. Different methods of applying blusher for different face shapes 腮红搭配不同脸型的修饰法

18. Reshaping of lips and use of lipstick and lip liner 唇型的修正及唇膏唇线的使用

19. Applying eyeshadow using the “layering” method 渐层妆画法

20. Bridal makeup technique 新娘妆画法

21. Applying eyeshadow using the “rainbow” method 彩虹妆画法

22. Applying eyeshadow using “dual section” method 双色眼影画法

23. Studio style makeup technique 摄影妆画法

24. Doll-like makeup techniques 娃娃妆画法

25. Applying eyeshadow using the “reverse hook” method 倒勾式画法

26. Smokey eyes makeup techniques 烟熏妆画法

27. Retro makeup techniques 复古妆画法

28. Nude makeup techniques 裸妆画法

29. Stage make-up techniques 舞台妆画法

30. Techniques and application of touch ups 补妆的技巧与运用

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