Personal Makeup Course (1-1)

Learn unique makeup tips and tricks from an experienced makeup artist with over 28 years of
experience and with thousands of classes conducted. In this personal makeup course, Ivy Chen will
teach you her own personal daily makeup procedure to allow you to stay beautiful and radiant
throughout your day. Take a look at the course details below and sign up now!

Current Dates Available: Saturday or Sunday

Personal Make Up Course (Basic)

Course Fee: $380.00
Duration: one lesson (3 hours )

Course Details:
1 to 1 Lesson
Makeup Materials Provided.

1. Make-up Brush

2. Foundation

3. Eyeshadow and Blusher Make-up Palettes

Course Outline:

1. Essential makeup tools and how to use them

2. Basic pre-makeup skincare

3. Trimming of eyebrows to complement face shape

4. Types of foundation and techniques in applying foundation

5. How to draw eyeliner and apply mascara

6. How to apply blusher

7. Reshaping of lips and use of lipstick and lipliner

8. Applying eyeshadow using

9. Techniques and application of touch ups

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